today computer networks are from basic requirements as background exchange informations and communications. in this regard, wireless networks have basic roles according to their propertise as indifference accessability. Due to the rapid growth of applications,  computer networks are constantly developing and changing. all of available promotion are due to troubles of researchers that candidly convert their ideas to fact by hostly effort.

in this regard, network research laboratory initiate it's work since 1391. outline of research laboratory as follow:

  • Wireless LAN, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Network Protocols and Performance Evaluation
  • Scalable, Reliable, and Energy-Efficient Networks
  • Routing, Flow Control and Congestion control
  • VoIP Protocols and Services
  • Vehicular networks
  • Cross layer design and optimization
  • Multicast, broadcast and anycast
  • Quality of service
  • Service Discovery and Advertisement (Resource management)
  • Scheduling and buffer management
  • Network Security, trust and privacy
  • Traffic measurement, engineering, control and analysis


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